Automatic Garage Door Grantham - Double Sectional

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Automatic Garage Door Grantham - GDS Sectional Rosewood Door

We fitted this new Automatic Garage Door in Grantham earlier this year.  It is a Garage Door Systems M-Rib Garage Door in a Rosewood finish

This property used to have two single garage doors and a center peer but the customer wanted a double garage door. We work regularly with a local builder on jobs like this and so were able to include the building work for the garage and the fitting of the new garage door all on one quote, delt with through one company.

The day before the new door was due to be fitted our builders went in, removed the old doors, removed the center peer and set a new RSJ that covered the width of the garage. The following day our team of specialist garage door fitters came to the job and fitted the new automatic garage door. All of this work took place whilst the customer was out of the country, so when they returned they came home to perfect new garage door.

This new automatic garage door is automated using Chamberlain Liftmaster LM80 Automatic operator. It is a belt drive operator so moves smoothly and quietly as well as creating less wear and tear on the mechanism to improve longevity over the years. We fit Chamblerain motors as standard to our garage doors  but are also able to supply and fit the motor by Hormann, Garador, Seip or the manufacturer of your choice.

This is just one of many new garage doors we have fitted in the Grantham area over the last few years. If you like to take a look at our work please just drop us a line we can show you sites (not just in Grantham but all over Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire). We also have plenty of samples and photos of all of the styles of garage door we fit.

Call us now for a no obligation quote and survey for your new garage door. If your looking to have a brickwork changed or new lintels put in place let us know and we’ll make sure our builder joins our surveyor on site to take you through all of the options for your new garage door.

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