Automatic Georgian Sectional Garage Door

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Automatic Georgian Sectional Garage Door Grantham

We fitted this New Automatic Georgian Sectional Garage Door in Grantham last week. This door is a G.D.S. Sectional Garage Door in Vortex form. The door was also fitted with a Chamberlain Liftmaster LM60 Automatic Operator.

In this case there is no back entrance to the garage in this case so we also fitted an Emergency Manual Release. We always fit these if the new automatic garage door is the only entrance to the garage. The E.M.R. enables you to disable the motor and put the door into manual mode from the outside incase of a power cut.

As there was no room above the garage the customer opted for a single skin door in this case. If there were ajoining or above rooms they may have chosen the insulated option to significantly improve heat retention. Single skin sectional doors are availiable up to 9 foot wide and can cut the cost of fitting a sectional door considerably.

The customers were very happy with the finish and the function of the door. We think the style matches perfectly with the house and are very happy with the fit.

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