New Automatic Sectional Garage Door

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New Automatic Sectional Garage Door Grantham

We fitted this new automatic sectional garage door in Grantham last week. It is a GDS sectional in a Coach House Style. This option has excellent looking windows in the top panel which let plenty of light back into the garage. The coach house finish gives the two sets of handles and two sets of hinges. These dont operate, the door lifts vertically in sections and is automatic so no handles or external hinges are needed.

On this job we also fitted a facia to the front, the orignial doors were over 10 foot high and the door we fitted is only 8 foot, they do come higher but the customer only needed the 8 foot clearance. We have since been asked to fit guttering as well, which do often fit onto jobs when asked, I’ll post another photo once that has been done.

Both ourselves and the customer are really happy with this job. We’ve changed the look of the garage considerably but have managed to maintain some of the country style that the old wooden doors gave whilst giving the convenience and modernity of this slick new automatic sectional garage door.

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