Up & Over Canopy Garage Doors

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Up & Over Canopy Garage Doors

We fitted these two Garador Carlton Up & Over Canopy Garage Doors in Lincoln and then in Peterborough last week. Both jobs were manual doors, we took out the old timber frame and dropped in these nice new canopy doors. We finished the jobs with UPVC surrounds and silacon seal to weatherproof the finish. Good job to, I needed weatherproofing by the end of that day we fitted both of those in the pouring rain.

We fit quite a lot of these style doors Up & Over Canopy Garage Doors, they are a very economical door to buy but also have a nice clean finish, if your old door is cranky and heavy then maybe a new Up & Over Canopy door is for you, it will likely be cheaper than a new gear or spring set for your old door and will brighten you garage up and give your back a rest

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