Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated Garage Doors

At the Garage Door Company Grantham we offer a range of a insulated garage doors. If you have a room above your garage or an adjoining door though into your house then you might want to consider an insulated garage door.

We offer insulated garage doors from Hormann, SWS, Garador & Garage Door Systems. Insulation panels on these garage doors can range from 14mm on the smallest roller doors to 42mm on the larger sectional panels. Its not only the insulation that makes a difference though, these garage doors can be tracked with rubber side and header seals which considerably minimize drafts.

The three main options for an insulated door are: An Insulated Sectional Garage Door, Insulated Roller Door or Insulated Side Hinged Garage Door. The pros and cons of each are set out below.

Insulated Sectional Garage Doors offer the greatest amount of insulation. They are tracked doors and as such seal down both sides as well as across the top and bottom on rubber strips. They also have the option for the thickest insulation of 42mm. The panels construction is steel outer layers with a fireproof internal foam filling.

We supply Insulated Sectional Garage Doors from Garador, Hormann & Garage Door Systems. If you’d like to take a look at the range you can see a copy of each of the manufacturers brochures at the bottom of this page, just click on the link.

Insulated Roller Doors are the perfect option for someone looking to improve the thermal retention in their garage, whilst also maintaining (or improving) the space available inside the garage.

Insulated Roller Doors roll into a box which can either be fitted behind of below the lintel. They are tracked doors which minimizes drafts. They slats (lathes) on a roller door can be either 14mm on a compact door or 20mm on a standard size door.

At the Garage Door Company Grantham we offer insulated roller doors from Hormann (Rollmatic), SWS & Garage Door Systems. You can see brochures for each of these manufacturers at the bottom of this page.


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